Slingerland explained, between great frothing gobfuls of munched hazelnut, that this inherent sense of fairness is found in humans everywhere, but that studies show that it’s less pronounced in environments where people are exposed to a lot of marketing. “Capitalist, consumer culture inures us to unfairness,” he said. What monkeys and the Queen taught me about inequality | Culture | The Guardian
Last week v. This week

Last week v. This week

Goals: SE Asia, December 2014 - March 2015

Travel over the course of 90-days on wheels. No particular route needed„I’m free to follow the wind. Happy to pitch a tent at the end of the day in a forest or spend the night in a cheap hostel or tea house. I want to cover the course of a few SE Asian countries , namely, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. I will be packing lightly.

The primary goal of my trip is an inspirational reset to figure out how I want to spend my time over the next five years. I picked the number 5 (years) b/c they say it takes roughly 5 years to get anything going pretty well.

I picked travel via bicycle b/c I love bicycles and find travel via bicycle the best way to experience a place. And, I’m happiest when I’m moving. SE Asia b/c it is supposed to be one of the best places in the world for bike touring, it’s extremely cheap by western standards and I’m fascinated by the history of the region, relate very much to the conceptual world-view held by many of the inhabitants (Buddhist) and would like to get a first-hand set of experiences of what life is like outside of my bubble.

I don’t expect I’ll come back home enlightened. I only hope that I’ll learn a few things about myself and the world. I hope to return home ready to commit to the people and ideas that mean the most to me.

Tentative plan

Here We Go Again (No offense to John Lennon)…Southeast Asia Again and Bali for kicks.: Introduction: Who, Where, What, When and Why???:

I’m sketching out my plan for a bike trip from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam around Cambodia, Thailand and Laos (Airline tix have been purchased. This is not fantasy. I’m leaving Memphis, TN on 12/14 and returning on 3/4/15.) I’m trying hard not to over-plan, but digging around to learn what others have done before me. I’ll be sharing some resources and inspiration for those of you considering hitting the road in the weeks to come.

I do enjoy my job, I don’t think you could do what I do if you didn’t enjoy your work. I can’t say I particularly enjoy working with dead bodies but there’s a lot of camaraderie - there’s a satisfaction when you do get it right and eventually we will get this epidemic under control. When that happens there will be great elation and the satisfaction of knowing I did a job that maybe not everyone could have done and that I played a small part in helping to overcome this. BBC News - Why I’ll risk my life for Ebola patients
he kept talking in the same slow cadence, with an insistent and didactic focus on making his point.

Julian Assange on Snowden, disliking Google, and his “inevitable” freedom | Ars Technica

Love him or hate him, he is one fascinating character.

A lot of us are control freaks, so when we can do it ourselves, we can do it faster; we can do a better job of making things go our way. I think the trend in the future will be taking charge of your customer service experience yourself. The true test with technology advances is how much more of that is transferred to the individual consumer and how much easier and how much better they can do it themselves. We’re going to see that trend hit the heart of customer service because that is where it has to go to meet customer expectations.

Tech has raised the bar on customer experience higher than ever; here’s why you should care | VentureBeat | Marketing | by PV Kannan, [24]7

Note: Help me do it myself and I will love you long time.

Silicon Valley is making what, in any other decade, we’d call spy satellites. Silicon Valley’s New Spy Satellites - The Atlantic
Note: I’m currently betting on Go-Pro and next-gen of tech companies making camera technology that changes the way we see the world.
Tell about the South. What’s it like there. What do they do there. Why do they live there. Why do they live at all.


Note: Making money through subscriptions ($250/year). Atlanta-based. Some call “Vice of South.” Watch and learn.

When the agony of missing the shot trumps the joy of the experience worth shooting, the adventure athlete (climber, surfer, extreme skier) reveals himself to be something else: a filmmaker, a brand, a vessel for the creation of content. He used to just do the thing—plan the killer trip or trick and then complete it, with panache. Maybe a photographer or film crew tagged along, and afterward there’d be a slide show at community centers and high-school gyms, or an article in a magazine. Now the purpose of the trip or trick is the record of it. Life is footage.

Living the GoPro Life

Note to self: Remember this in SE Asia.

We’re not the hungry immigrant nation we used to be. We’re more into meaning, into jobs that find fulfillment. And at least some people are willing to accept lower pay to go somewhere they care about. Will Portland Always Be a Retirement Community for the Young? -
The teaser trailer is live! 100% guaranteed teasing. Thoroughly Modern Medusa: The Department of Signs Teaser Trailer h/t to my lady @katrinaperdue
In this podcast we speak with Dr. Feigin about geomagnetic ties to stroke- causing up to half a million strokes per year, how the weather and space energy affects our bodies/brains, how we can mitigate the risks, and these ideas have grown from theory to a field of study.


(Not disciplined enough to listen to many podcasts, but I’m going to check this one out.) h/t to my homey @anawillem

How do we relinquish these power sucks? How do we let go of all the baggage that inhibits our ability to be strong and powerful in the world?
One short answer is meditation. By training our attention, we learn how to relinquish unnecessary thoughts, images and negative emotions. In this practice, we reverse our effort. We turn our conventional flow of striving upside down and start letting go of those heavy, onerous weights that we carry around with us. We relax, we forgive and we let go of attachment.
Letting go of the power sucks | Exuberant Animal