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Take heart: we are all lost pilgrims; and nothing but love will find us home.- Joe Henry

Business Time: Blur14 For Corporate Talent & Development People

Supporting the work of high-performing collaborative teams in today’s fast-moving, diverse environment is challenging for even the most innovative corporations.

In order for companies to be competitive, they need to harness and unleash the creativity, innovation and confidence of individuals and teams across the enterprise. Yet too often, creativity and innovation remain the exclusive domains of specialized business units such as R&D.

Enter… Blur14.

Blur is a conference that helps young professionals be more productive and successful in their professional career and personal life. Blur’s programming integrates prevailing trends impacting business and consumer culture. “Best-in-Class” principles and strategies that can unleash your team’s capabilities to maximize their collective talents and expertise will be shared in the learning sessions.

The conference is designed to be immersive, inspiring and experiential. The Blur Revue Show will be the unique moment that differentiates our conference from the more traditional business conference.

The Blur Revue Show celebrates our wonderfully imperfect gifts, talents, passions, interests and hobbies that serve as a catalyst for our business success.

Blur Conference participants will return to the workplace with a renewed sense of purpose and increased creative confidence to deliver better collaboration, innovation and problem-solving for your mission-critical business endeavors.

The 2014 Blur Conference in Brooklyn will be the place that corporate teams and individuals will have their creative energy renewed and their ability to deliver business breakthrough ideas emboldened.

Being out here in LA, chasing my dreams has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! I mean I didn’t think it was going to be easy, but man, didn’t think it would be this tough either! Marco Pavé - Being out here in LA, chasing my dreams has been one…
It’s not enough that you’re right. It matters if it gets built. Seth’s Blog: If you can’t sell it, you can’t build it
When you aren’t forced to pay with money,
things get a lot more interesting.
Bondsy #blur14 #ballsy
I can’t draw, write or sculpt—but working on a new idea is the most creative time I spend in my life. QuickMVP Summer Startup Competition #blur14

Democratizing 20% Time

We want to make it normal for people to bring their warts-and-all selves to work. We think there’s sort of been a big cultural shift in how people think about work v. life. Technology continues to blur the lines b/w people’s personal and professional interests and more and more people are saying ‘screw it’ - I’m gonna go do what I want, how I want, and the right people will support me. You see this in the way more people are starting small companies in Brooklyn and San Francisco, turning their backs on secure jobs.

Blur wants to provide a platform that helps everybody make good use of their 20% time. Our belief is that this will benefit innovation, creativity and wellness, while helping companies increase retention and staff productivity. cc: @timferris, cc: @dockane


Update: Blur Performers & Speakers

Making slow and steady progress in organizing the #blur14 program. Here’s short-list of the people powering Blur14. Ideas about who else should be part of the inaugural cast? Holla. 

Revue Show Performers:

  • Kevin Carroll, Revue Show Emcee.  As an author, speaker and agent for social change (a.k.a. the Katalyst), it is Kevin’s “job” to inspire businesses, organizations and individuals - from CEOs and employees of Fortune 500 companies to schoolchildren - to embrace their spirit of play and creativity to maximize their human potential and sustain more meaningful business and personal growth.

  • Lil’ Buck, Dancer. At 26, Lil Buck has already carved out a niche that almost no other dancer can fill, bouncing from music videos to a Super Bowl halftime show to Lincoln Center, where in April he was a star soloist in the debut of a ballet by the French artist JR. He introduced mainstream audiences to jookin, a style of street dance born in his hometown, Memphis, whose intricate freestyle footwork has captivated critics.

  • elizabeth!, Jazz Trombonist and Vocalist.  Vocalist, trombonist, and songwriter elizabeth! is a fun and interactive performer and educator who connects with audiences through the thrill of improvisation and personal, accessible musical stories. Like Nat “King” Cole and Ella Fitzgerald before her, she’s a playful storyteller with a twinkle in her eye that comes through in her music.

  • Marco Pavé, Hip-Hop Artist. Marco Pavé is on a mission to grab his spot in the “New Memphis” movement. This born-and-bred Memphis native is an amazing lyricist with a distinct style and charisma that appeals to the triple crown of rap enthusiasts: the purists, the radio lovers and the eclectic hipster.

  • Mark Edgar Stuart, Bassist and Singer-Songwriter. Mark’s a rebel’s rebel. When all the other kids were asserting their independence, he took his father’s advice, dodged the ball games, and started playing upright bass in the junior high orchestra. After he lost his dad and got cancer in quick succession, Mark took some time to heal, and reevaluate. He put down his bass, picked up a guitar, and started writing songs he never thought anybody outside his family would ever hear.

  • Hanna Star, Singer-Songwriter. Hanna is a 15-year-old musician making her way through Memphis, TN. Her single and video Deep in the Meadow was a local and Internet sensation when she was just 13 years old. She plays her original compositions at local venues and bigger stages alike, including SXSW in Austin.

  • Josh Campbell, Storyteller.  Josh Campbell is a storyteller specializing in personal narratives. He currently works in Memphis and is the creative director for Spillit.

  • Alex da Ponte, Musician and Writer. In an era of lowest common denominators and unprecedented banality, Alex da Ponte shatters preconceptions and replaces them with singularity. Drawing on diverse influences and taking cues from history, literature, and culture, da Ponte’s lyrics are unafraid : of controversy, of change, of Webster’s Collegiate.

Summit Speakers and Presenters:

  • Don Bodin, Composer and Musician. Award Winning Composer Don Bodin specializes in composing and producing original score and song for documentaries, motion picture, television, video game and advertising campaigns. He got his start like a lot of kids did, woodshedding guitar in his bedroom for hours, playing in high school jazz and concert band and starting local rock bands. But Bodin had bigger plans: To get his music on the Big Screen – and he has succeeded.

  • Eric Lowitt, Speaker & Advisor. Eric Lowitt is a sought-after speaker who advises CEOs, senior public officials, and leaders of nongovernmental organizations in the fields of strategy, collaboration, and sustainability. He’s the author of two ground-breaking books and regularly featured in regularly featured in the Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Wall Street Journal.

  • Kevin Carroll, Summit Emcee.  As an author, speaker and agent for social change (a.k.a. the Katalyst), it is Kevin’s “job” to inspire businesses, organizations and individuals - from CEOs and employees of Fortune 500 companies to schoolchildren - to embrace their spirit of play and creativity to maximize their human potential and sustain more meaningful business and personal growth.

  • Michael Nieling, Founder & Creative Director, Ocupop. Michael Nieling is a designer, educator, father, and dog owner. He is the Creative Director at Ocupop and also teaches logo design at MIAD. Splitting time between Hawaii, Colorado, and Wisconsin, if he’s not on an airplane, he’s likely somewhere shouting about design.

  • Rob Malda, Founder, Trove and  Rob Malda, also known as CmdrTaco, is an American Internet content author, and former editor-in-chief of the website Slashdot. He is now Chief Strategist and Head of Product for Trove, a spin-off of the Washington Post.

  • Anna Beatrice Scott, Anna Beatrice Scott is a published writer, avid blogger and liberated academic. She designs 21st century solutions for game-changing entrepreneurs and artists, stability-seeking civic leaders, and business leaders readying for the next fork in the road.

Remember that partitioning our lives and identities is a trap. The High Cost of Hiding Yourself | LinkedIn #blur14
I believe in taking your personal projects seriously and just recently gave a talk (below) at SXSW explaining how it was in fact my side projects that allowed me to go clientless. swissmiss | about cc: @swissmiss. #blur14
But we found that for young guys today, the concept of success is quite different to how it was ten years ago. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it is true to you, what you believe in, your values, your passions. Brand Insight: Dewar’s Gets Authentic | LBBOnline #authenticity, #brands, #dewars, #blur14
I found it interesting, and loved the people I worked with, but in the end, it was still an 8-to-5, boss-on-your-case, business-casual, soul-sucking kind of job. My Do-What-You-Love Story — Buck and Libby #blur14 h/t @katrinaperdue

We want to help people…

We want to help people:

  1. Defy the Deathclock. We build tools to help people save time and spend their time better. We believe that when you can sift through an endless array of choices and navigate seamlessly through life’s transitions, you improve your quality and quantity of life.

  2. Embrace the Pioneer Spirit. We make it easy for people to explore life on their own terms, whether in the guise of biking to work, building a family out of ragtag friends, or carving out a uniquely nomadic existence.

  3. Find the Others. There are innumerable ways to pioneer a personal and professional existence, but carving your own path doesn’t need to be intimidating or lonely. We reduce the risk in forking from the everyday by fostering connections among “the others” who have done the same. 

A service specifically built to help us unwind. Kate Baer